The main purpose is to develop the course contents with interactive 3D, to create i3D based classroom environment and the preparation of teaching materials and developed measurement tools for the impact on the learning-teaching process.
General Aim of this project; Promoting work-based learning on 3D systems and strengthening key competences for 3D implementations in VET curricula and increasing learning motivation with intercultural learning approach in the VET schools. . In this sense, this project is original in terms of the development of i3D course.

Project objectives;
a) Strengthening the to develop new innovative curricula units with using 3D technologies for vocational education
b) To promote quality innovation practices for 3D technologies with international dimension
c) To support to the development of innovative educational practices in 3D systems for the students
d) Within Intercultural learning approach to learning about different cultures in Europe dimension and to increase motivation of pupils and support academic and social success of students